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Rotary Club Kazan


Rotary Club Kazan was founded in 1998 by Professor Vladimir Sidorov, a professor at the Kazan University of the Department of Radiophysics, who rightly became the first president of the club. "In Rotary I met people who look at the world more broadly, and not only through the prism of narrow professional interests," says Vladimir Sidorov. "Rotary, if you want, is a way of communication, a way to navigate the world with his deeds and problems directly through people, and not only through television and intermediaries of all levels. For many, this is the path of self-realization through the implementation of specific educational, humanitarian and cultural programs for exchanges between cities, countries and cultures.

The solution of specific practical problems is the main motive for uniting Rotarians into one strong social movement that prioritizes charity goals as a global goal, such as the goal to end poliomyelitis on the Earth by 2020, and local assistance goals for the distressed in the field. The main project is connected with practical assistance to the elderly, disabled, youth, as well as to all who see in ROTARY the source of hope for a better life.

Rotary Club Kazan

Rotary club is a non-profit public organization, members of which can be representatives of business or other professional activities (for example, doctors, lawyers, scientists and cultural figures, etc.) that meet the criteria set by the Rotary International Charter and the "standard" Rotary Charter club.


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