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Rotary International (Rotary International) is an international club movement with a century of history, uniting 29,000 clubs in different countries of the world, consisting of more than 1200,000 representatives of the business community and intelligentsia. The clubs traditionally include the best representatives of their professions, people of high moral principles, united by the idea of ​​serving the society.

High professional and ethical standards and friendly relations between people, regardless of national differences, political and religious beliefs, contribute to the implementation of relevant social projects for the benefit of society. Each Rotary club, individually or in a community, implements local charitable projects in various social fields: from medicine to education. The largest charity project Rotary International, which has been implemented in the field of medicine since 1985, is a project for financing and organizing the vaccination of children from poliomyelitis infection.

In 1990, the first Rotarian clubs appeared in Russia in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Today their number is more than 50 - from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

о ротари

The first club in the world, the Chicago Club N1, was established in Chicago in 1905, Illinois, USA, by lawyer Paul P. Harris (19.04.1868 - 27.01.1947) and his three friends, the owner of the coal business, Sylvester Shill was the first president of the club), an entrepreneur, mining engineer Gustave Loher and tailor Hiram Shori. February 23, 1905 in Chicago, in the building of the Unity Building on North Diborn Street 127, the first meeting of the Chicago club Rotary was held.


t is Paul Harris who is considered the founder of the Rotary movement. His idea was to strive to develop a spirit of friendship and solidarity in the business world of big cities. Soon the new members of the Rotary joined the group, which alternately gathered in the place of work of a particular Rotarian, from where the idea of ​​rotation and the emblem of the wheel originated (originally the emblem was a wheel of a cart.In 1929, during the Dallas Convention, the symbol of the cog wheel, consisting of 24 teeth).

"Service to society above personal interests"

 Rotary International, 1989 г.

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Rotary club is a non-profit public organization, members of which can be representatives of business or other professional activities (for example, doctors, lawyers, scientists and cultural figures, etc.) that meet the criteria set by the Rotary International Charter and the "standard" Rotary Charter club.


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