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Elena Rivina

Specialist in network marketing

Timur Bikmullin

Doctor, psychiatrist, pediatrician

Liliya Lutfullin

Specialist in network marketing

Members of the club

Marat Bikmullin

Serial businessman The investor

Lubov Mumladze

Doctor, andrologist, head of a private clinic

ldus Yanishev

The head of the private security company of the group of companies "Kontr"

Glazyrin Igor


Svetlana Ganeeva

Head of recruitment agency

Alexander Mumladze

Specialist in Architecture and Urban Management

Vadim Khuzin

Specialist in the advertising market

Potapova Marina

Pediatrician, chief doctor of the City Children's Hospital

Danelia George

Advocate of international practice

Rotary Club Kazan

Rotary club is a non-profit public organization, members of which can be representatives of business or other professional activities (for example, doctors, lawyers, scientists and cultural figures, etc.) that meet the criteria set by the Rotary International Charter and the "standard" Rotary Charter club.


Тел: 8 917-8888-367 


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